Hot Weather, Hot Summer, Hot Sunset

We got back from our long weekend down the coast mid-afternoon on Monday and I was diligently working my way through my photos when I looked out of the window and saw that there was awesome high level cloud in the sky. I checked the satellite image and sure enough, a nice gap in the cloud to the south. So I packed up my gear and drove down to Gerroa.

I was greeted by light winds and a reasonably busy beach. Crowd numbers are often a bit quieter in the week before Australia day but you can guarantee this place will be rammed over the weekend as all working Australians have a last hurrah of the summer holidays before getting back into the grind and the kids go back to school. Anyway – it turned out to be a corker of a sunset, everything I’d hoped it would be and I caught some great moments with the tourists and with the sky and took one stupidly wide pano. On with the show …

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