Distant Ship Smoke on the Horizon

I decided to head out for sunrise and, as I always do, checked the forecast to see what the likely conditions would be. Based on them I decided to go to Bombo Quarry. However when I woke up and checked the satellite image it showed the only high cloud much further south. So instead of heading north from Berry, I headed south through the interminable roadworks on the Princes Highway. I weighed up my options for beaches on the journey south and eventually decided on Sailors Beach in Hyams Beach.

The car park was empty when I arrived at about 6:15 and, if you’ve ever been to Hyams Beach, you know that such a situation is a rare occurrence indeed. The beach was completely empty too – maybe because it was 6ºc when I got there, maybe not. The early light was great, back-lighting a bank of high cloud that stretched to the horizon. I enjoyed taking lots of shots around the rocks at the boundary between Sailors Beach and Hyams Beach and then, once the sun had come up, tried some different angles nearer the mid-point.

© 2021 Andy Hutchinson
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