Cloud forecast looked really promising and so I made sure I was out the door nice and early and not stressing about getting to the location. I decided to shoot at Black Head, which is the stumpy little headland that projects out into the ocean at Gerroa. It was pretty quiet down there, no other photographers or fishermen so I had a free choice of gutters to shoot the swell and sky in.

The great colour run of high cloud continued at sunset. I'd originally planned on going to the mangroves but the tide was high so I went to the top end of the estuary instead.

Instead of going to the beach I decided to photograph this sunset from the river. I parked up at the public wharf and walked down to the smaller private wharfs and jettys. Not a breath of wind meant the water was glassy and perfectly reflected the pastel skies.

I was treated to some beautiful pastel skies that would become a feature of the dawn/dusk weather patterns for the next four days. The tide was such that the view looked more interesting on the outside edge of little Crooked River so I chose to photograph the rocks from that location.

Cloud forecasts turned out to be spot on and I was treated to a gorgeous blast of autumnal colour in the skies over Berry's Beach.

The cloud forecast had promised more in the way of colour, but I was rewarded with a cool 'omega' sunrise. The sun resembles the greek letter omega and is caused by the sunlight reflecting on the warm ocean below.

Was hoping for a lot more colour than actually materialised. Forecast looked great for good high level cloud, but unfortunately low cloud on the far horizon blocked the early colour. Always nice to be in Jervis Bay of course and in particular on this, one of the most under-rated beaches in the region.

Great weather after an increasingly depressing period of rain (three years so far) and I thought a Saturday night at Gerroa would be busier on the beach. Not complaining mind you - I like it quiet - just surprised.

First decent sunrise forecast in a while and the cloud predictions on looked good, so I set the alarm for 5am and drove down to Seven Mile Beach in Shoalhaven Heads. I missed the first blushes of pink, but was on the beach as it darkened through the purples and oranges.

One of the coldest mornings in a while on Seven Mile this morning. High cloud meant that there was good colour early and the best of it was definitely in the half hour directly after first light.

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