I always like to get in a few sunsets down at Gerroa during the summer to shoot precisely the kind of shots in this post. If I have a signature style, it's probably typified by these golden telephoto images, created by shooting into the sun. The effect results in silhouetting the figures and gives the images an illustrative feel that I really like.

The new year got off to a great start with some strong sky colour at sunset. I'd been keeping an eye on the clouds during the day and decided to head out with Catherine well ahead of time, knowing that Shoalhaven Heads would be super-busy due to all the tourists. After checking out the top end of town I drove down to the Hay Avenue boat ramp, applied my mozzie spray and got set-up in the mangroves. After a burst of golden colour the high level clouds were back-lit to produce a colourful and serene sunset. Here's hoping there are many more in 2022.

Earlier on this day a powerful storm blew through the region and caused chaos up and down the coast. I had noticed that the clouds were looking good for sunset but was in two minds about going out because I was being lazy. Then we had a powercut and so with no way of making the evening meal or watching TV, I headed out to Shoalhaven Heads with my camera. Turned out to be a good decision as were treated to a long-lasting and powerful sunset with glorious textured clouds backlit.

We had a couple of days holiday down in Bermagui and, with the cloud forecast looking promising, I decided to set the alarm and get up for sunrise. There are some awesome locations around Bermagui, including the famous Camel and Horsehead Rocks, but I opted for the Blue Pool instead. The sky delivered some beautiful purples, oranges and reds as it rose over the famous rock pool making the 5am start well worth it.

The forecast for sunset was great so I headed out early with every intention of going to the beach. However at the last minute I turned left at the roundabout instead of right and drove up Woodhill Mountain towards Drawing Room Rocks. I had a full bottle of water and a headtorch so I was ready for the hike back down in the dark. I did also have a new pair of hiking boots on which was not the greatest decision because while the boots were welcome on the testing track, I did get blisters.

I got to the top with an hour to spare and was pleased to note that I had the whole lookout to myself. This location used to be something a local's secret, but over the last five years it has got busier and busier and during the summer months it's really crowded. So it was a real treat to be on my own enjoying the peace and serenity far above the countryside.

I used my long lens to take some shots towards the coast before the sun went down and in one shot single shot I managed to photograph Shoalhaven Heads, Comerong Island, Crookhaven Heads, Culburra, Lake Wollumbulla, the Beecroft Weapons Range and the Point Perpendicular lighthouses.

However my favourite shot of the evening was when I a currawong hopped onto a rock. She'd been with me the whole time I was at the lookout but timed her arrival for a portrait shot to perfection. Sore feet and ruined knees aside, I greatly enjoyed this evening hike and the photographs I took whilst there.

With a short reprieve in the prevailing cloudy and wet conditions I headed down to Gerroa for sunset. When the conditions are like this you have take every opportunity that presents itself, but the chances were great for this one. I also have a personal rule about always heading out for sunset after a storm. The colour was great both before and after sunset

The first day of summer was a rare bit of colour in what has been an extremely wet and windy end to the year. The clouds part for a brief moment and I was able to get down to Gerroa to shoot some long lens landscapes.

La Niña has made for something of a damp start to the summer here in New South Wales, with record-breaking levels of precipitation and a long run of wet days. It's set to continue this way all through to the end of January too. There are some bright periods however, when the cloud breaks and last night was such a night, with the rain clearing for a brief period. I was at the beach in plenty of time for sunset but on a whim I decided to drive to a spot I'd been meaning to photograph for ages and was rewarded with some great sky colour and a fabulous subject.

I was out and about shooting timelapses for a forthcoming project and, before leaving this spot on the road above Kangaroo Valley, I decided to put the 100-400mm telephoto lens on my X-T4 and shoot some zoomed landscapes. It's great what you can see through that huge lens and I love how the full zoom compresses the view.

We're currently in the midst of a 10 day wet weather event with a succession of rain and storm fronts pushing over the state. But between fronts you get gaps and where there are gaps you get colour. I spied a gap on the horizon and drove to Shoalhaven Heads to photograph the sunset and was rewarded with some golden skies and backlit clouds over Mount Coolangatta.

For the last 16 years I’ve been photographing, blogging (and more recently vlogging) about everything I find, see and enjoy here in South Coast, New South Wales. This is my blogging site focused on my hobby (and part-time job) of photography. Please enjoy my little writing and my photography and I’d love to hear your feedback.
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