When I head out to photograph the sunset in Shoalhaven Heads there are lots of possibilities about where to position myself and my camera. There’s the beach (best for drone shots), Comerong, the old river mouth, River Road Reserve, the public wharf and Hay Avenue. Of all those spots I tend to favour Hay Avenue, because you get lovely views to the south and south-west down the river and a (relatively) unobstructed view of the setting sun. Throw in some cloud and you have a perfect combination for sunset photography.

The pelican heard my car pulling up and came up to investigate. They always hang around the boat ramps to pick up the fish guts and scraps that the returning fishermen give away. In fact they’re there so often that it makes me wonder what they ate before boat ramps and men in fishing boats.


Sun just setting behind the houses on Berrys Bay.


Pelican swimming through gold.


Nice bit of back-lighting and some pleasing reflections in the calm river waters.


This chap was keeping a very close eye on me. Normally these guys fly away as soon as I raise my camera to my eye.


Through the zoom towards the oyster fetches submerged by the tide.


My favourite mangrove tree on the edge of the sunset reflections.


Always a bit of a squabble when latecomers fly in to roost on the oyster fetches. Everyone gets their own pitch.


Pelican went off to investigate another photographer to see if they had any fish guts for him.


The soft focus shot. Took this one with the zoom and not the nifty fifty. The zoom only stops down to f4.5 so you don’t get the same very blurred bokeh, but it’s still pretty nice.


Spying on the pellie through the mangroves.


Light starting to fade now.


Point the zoom at the clouds and you get a close-up of those amazing colours.


Last shot of the night as the colour fizzled out.