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On to a Good Thing – Weekend Sunset at Gerroa

Haven’t been flying the drone much lately. Couple of reasons for this. Firstly, I got an incredible new camera – a Fujifilm X-T4 and some superb lenses and I’ve been somewhat obsessively photographing everything with tnem. Secondly, the weather has been shite lately – very wet and very windy. Thirdly I suffer from anxiety and flying $2000 worth of camera equipment 100m up in the sky and then sending it out in the middle of the ocean always freaks me out. So the poor old Mavic 2 stayed on the shelf. However I put my big boy pants on yesterday, charged up the batteries and let it stretch its legs over Gerroa. And I took a bunch of shots with the X-T4 too. It was a good night.


Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa is my ‘go to’ beach as it’s a short drive from my house and offers a flexible number of landscapes in one small area. You can shoot on the beach, on the reserve by the boat ramp, over the rocks behind Crooked River or round the corner at Black Head.

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