MyShoeBox – Free and Unlimited Photo Storage – Sort Of

It makes for a good headline and when I saw a story about a new online photo storage service offering free and unlimited space, I was intrigued. Truth is while the space on MyShoeBox may well be unlimited, there are in fact quite rigorous limitations on the photos you can upload.

The free account on MyShoeBox limits long edge resolution to 1024pixels – I don’t even upload to Facebook at that resolution. Even the Pro account, which costs $5 a month, limits file sizes to 20Mb – my RAW files are 55Mb each.

It looks like a nice service, with cool clients for Mac, PC, Windows and Linux, but I’m not sure how useful it is when you can simply sign up for one of the ‘all you can eat’ backup services such as Crashplan¬†or Mozy for the same or less cost and have no restrictions on the files you backup.

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