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Beach Bokeh
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I’ve been taking my photography seriously for about 18 years now and currently have over 160,000 photographs in my Adobe Lightroom catalog. To showcase my work I have curated my best images into a number of collections that represent the main themes in my photography.

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The Gold Series is a collection of photographs taken mainly at sunset. The light about five minutes before the sun goes down is a very particular shade – a vibrant gold colour. I shoot directly into the sun against this colour so as to silhouette the people who happen to be on the beach at that time. Many of these shots were taken at the north end of Seven Mile Beach in Gerroa – a location which lends itself particularly well to this sort of shot.

The Beach Bokeh Series is my collection of abstract low aperture images. The vast majority of these shots were taken on the beach, shooting towards the rising or setting sun, with an aperture as low as f1.8. By setting such a small focal plane, the background becomes an amazing collage of colours and shapes. Every single one of these shots was taken with my 50mm prime lens – the only lens I have that has such a low aperture setting.

The Wide Series is my collection of panoramic images. Some of these were taken with my DSLR camera and some with my drones. Panoramic photography is a particular favourite of mine because it reflects the cinematic vistas that I see with my own eyes when I am out photographing the landscape.

The Landmarks Series is my collection of well-known photographic locations. There are certain places here that draw photographers back time and again because they look so incredible. I’m fortunate enough to live pretty close to many of these coastal locations that people travel far and wide to photograph.

The Aerial Series is my collection of drone images. I got my first drone in 2016 and have enjoyed capturing the local landscape from new and interesting vantage points.

Finally, the Best Series is what I consider to be my best photos. This was the hardest collection to put together because ‘best’ is such a subjective word. So in the end I decided that I should choose the images I am most likely to share on repeated occasions.

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