Often the best time to go and take landscape photographs is when the weather is lousy. Bad weather usually means clouds, drama, dramatic lighting, storms – all the good stuff. So when it clouded over this afternoon and the sky got a bit dark I thought to myself that it would be an excellent time to pay a visit to Black Head Reserve in Gerroa. I’ve taken many photos here over the years because it’s one of the few places on this part of the coast where you can photograph the setting sun over the ocean.

First shot of the evening from the headland itself. The sun had emerged about five minutes before-hand from that cloud and was about to disappear again behind the escarpment.


Down on the rocks and getting some long exposure shots of the waves breaking.


I noticed that Broughton Head was being back-lit by the setting sun and so put the zoom lens on for this shot across the back of Seven Mile Beach National Park.


Moved to a new spot to try and pick up the oranges in the rocks.


Couple of big waves hit the rocks – this was the best one.


On the way back to the car I pointed the camera due south to capture this shot with Mount Coolangatta in the background.