Misty Sunset and a Blustery Drone Flight

Didn’t get a chance to fly my Mavic 2 Pro for the early part of the weekend, but was determined to make up for it on Sunday, because the restricted airspace here goes active again during the working week. I was originally going to go to Shoalhaven Heads, but the car pointed me towards Gerroa, so that’s where I ended up. It was quite blustery, but the Mavic had no problem dealing with the wind. Got some nice dramatic shots of the sun setting behind the escarpment and then walked down onto the beach to get some more shots with my DSLR.

Love the drama in this shot. It’s an HDR and I could have brought out more detail in the bushland, but I liked it in shadow.


Sun got all funky as it started setting behind a bank of cloud.


Little bit of a swell rolling in and a high tide meant walking across the creek wasn’t going to happen.


Back-lit oranges closest to the setting sun and pinks emerging further away.


Positioned the Mavic above the hightide mark to capture some shots of the lines of breaking waves.


Got my shorts wet when a couple of larger sets rolled in.


Much lower with the drone and hovering over the mouth of Crooked River.

You don’t have to fly the drone high to nice shots.


Last shot of the night, a longer exposure on the rocks.

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