Making the Transition to Drone Photography
Given the way that sales of drones have grown over the last couple of years it was always inevitable that photographers would be amongst the core users of these amazing devices. I first set my sights on one seven years ago, but at the time they cost $30k and were only marginally easier to fly than a space shuttle. So I patiently waited and eventually the combination of price and performance finally came down to a level I was happy about and I bought my first drone. I had my DJI Phantom 4 for several years and then I upgraded to the Mavic 2 Pro. I see my drone as being a ‘tall tripod’ and that’s precisely the way I’ve been using it. It’s a device that enables me to take all those shots I’ve always dreamed about – those alternate viewpoints, tucked away locations and new perspectives.One thing I realised very early on was that drone photography had some major differences to land-based photography. And as I make the transition to drone photography myself, I thought I’d share my experiences and growing pains, so that if you are thinking of putting a lens aloft too, you might be prepared for the changes.
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For the last 16 years I’ve been photographing, blogging (and more recently vlogging) about everything I find, see and enjoy here in South Coast, New South Wales. This is my blogging site focused on my hobby (and part-time job) of photography. Please enjoy my little writing and my photography and I’d love to hear your feedback.
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