It’s a god awful small affair, to the girl with the mousey hair. And while she wasn’t in evidence on Seven Mile Beach last evening, I can report that there is indeed Life on Mars. With apologies to David Bowie. Yes, we had a bit of outback red dust in the sky, transported towards the coast on a weak southerly change. It reduced visibility greatly and gave everything a weird alien feeling like something on the camera of NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover.

First shot of the evening, the low-go in amongst the dune grass.


Through the 50mm looking south.


Really weird being out and about in such a strangely tinted landscape.


There was the occasional burst of blue sky in amongst the red.


Only tiddly little waves pushing in.


I got round the back of the gulls and trusted them to stand still during a long exposure.


Saturn setting in the sky.


Last shot of the night, farewell alien landscape, farwell.