Let Sleeping Pelicans Lie

The warm weather is coming and that means the flies will be back too. So I rolled on the deet for the first time this season before heading out onto the Shoalhaven River estuary to photograph the sunset. The wind wasn’t too bad and so I decided to fly the drone while the light was still good. So I flew it over the river and then back over my head and over the ocean to get a shot looking back on Shoalhaven Heads. Then with the light going and the battery nearly empty I took some shots with the Canon on the low tide riverbank. Bit more cloud would have been nice, but being out on the river is always fun.

These baby mangroves are normally covered by the water but it was a pretty low tide last night and I could get right out into the middle of them.


Sun rapidly descending towards the horizon as seen from the drone. Bit of traffic at the top boat ramp and the tourists are returning to the caravans in the holiday park.


Sleeping pelicans wound their necks in on the sand bar in the middle of the river. You’d have thought they’d get a cramp doing that.


Over the ocean looking back towards Cullunghutti. I think Shoalhaven Heads is a very under-rated place. Beach, river, mountain, boat ramps, wineries, bike tracks, wharfs – all sorts of cool stuff.


Boats moored off the public wharf.


Looking across to Comerong Island and Nowra beyond it.


The trees are putting their clothes back on.


One of the evening flights from Sydney to Melbourne passed us by. That particular route is the second busiest in the whole world, with 54,519 flights a year! If ever there was an argument for the development of high speed rail – that’s it.


Looking south towards Crookhaven Heads.


Last shot of the day – 30 second exposure to smooth out the water as the last of the light disappears.

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