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Late Light and a Late Night in Shoalhaven Heads

I had a good look at the clouds yesterday evening and had a gut feeling that there’d be some decent sunset colour. So I headed over to Shoalhaven Heads and took some shots with the Canon and the DJI. The colour arrived late but when it did kick off it was well worth photographing. As I was flying the drone over the estuary a man on a bicycle rode past me and said, “I wish I had a a gun because I’d shoot that fucking thing,” so that was nice. What a lovely bloke, I bet he takes that anger of his out on all manner of people and causes!


Seven Mile Beach at Gerroa is my ‘go to’ beach as it’s a short drive from my house and offers a flexible number of landscapes in one small area. You can shoot on the beach, on the reserve by the boat ramp, over the rocks behind Crooked River or round the corner at Black Head.

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