Looked like some awfully useful cloud in the sky in the evening and so I headed out fairly early to see if Mother Nature was going to put on a lightshow for us all. As it happened I needn’t have rushed because it was one of those evenings when the colour only really hit well after sunset. In fact I sat in the car waiting for some colour to appear until only about five minutes before sunset, when some oranges started to appear. As it turned out it was a great show – lots of oranges and deep reds and, thanks to the lack of wind, a lot less chilly than it has been lately.

First shot of the evening right next to the little car park at the top end of Shoalhaven Heads and I was loving that deep orange glow behind Mount Coolangatta.


Bit of the old foreground interest in the shape of a half-buried log on the edges of the estuary.


Okay – funny thing happened as I was talking further round the estuary to take this shot. When I was waiting in the car for the sunset a couple of people walked past me – a bloke walking a dog and another bloke on his own. Didn’t think much about it. However when I walked down towards the little path on the edge of the water, the second bloke I’d seen (the one who was on his own) was sat on one of the rocks cutting his toe nails with a metal nail clipper. I thought this was slightly peculiar behaviour (not to mention pretty bloody gross). Who sits there in their caravan and thinks – “oooh – looks like a nice sunset’s coming – reckon I’ll find a nice rock, set myself down on it – and give my toe nails the cutting they’ve been waiting for”?


To banish the thought of the bloke from my mind I discovered these lovely purple flowers. In order to get this shot I sat down on the dune bank, right on a large stick I hadn’t noticed and I consequently jumped again pretty sharpish. The things we do to get a shot!


How mellow is that?


Having recovered from the shock of the stick I tried a different angle for the pretty flowers.


Full on orange by this stage, but so calm on the estuary.


Couple of ducks I rudely disturbed from their roost on the banks of the estuary.


That’s the top of Cullunghutti, which is the aboriginal name for the hill which Alexander Berry so rudely renamed as Mount Coolangatta. This hill is place of great importance to Aboriginal peoples as it is where the spirits of the dead join their Ancestors – it is quite literally their stepping-off point to heaven.


Finished the evening off with a nice pano. I shot this with the 50mm prime and it’s 7 exposures in total. Would look mighty fine on a wall I reckon.