We got back from our long weekend down the coast mid-afternoon on Monday and I was diligently working my way through my photos when I looked out of the window and saw that there was awesome high level cloud in the sky. I checked the satellite image and sure enough, a nice gap in the cloud to the south. So I packed up my gear and drove down to Gerroa. I was greeted by light winds and a reasonably busy beach. Crowd numbers are often a bit quieter in the week before Australia day but you can guarantee this place will be rammed over the weekend as all working Australians have a last hurrah of the summer holidays before getting back into the grind and the kids go back to school. Anyway – it turned out to be a corker of a sunset, everything I’d hoped it would be and I caught some great moments with the tourists and with the sky and took one stupidly wide pano. On with the show …

Just a week left with the lifeguard’s tower. It’ll be removed from the beach after the Australian day weekend and put in storage until late December.


I like this. Kind of Blade Runner feel to it, if you know what I mean? High key sort of thing going on. Go into the light!


They were quite a long way from me (I shot this with the zoom) so not sure if proud mum and son, or proud sister and brother, or proud girlfriend and boyfriend or, you know, just good friends. Make your own narrative up.


Evening beach life as the families enjoy the warm evening and the beach fishermen set up camp. When I was walking off the beach at the end of the night a fishermen walked past me with the most amazing set-up on his back – he looked like a character of a Terry Gilliam movie with chair, buckets, rods and god only knows what else all on his back. I said to him as I was walking past that I thought I had a lot of gear until I saw him and he smiled and then realised I wasn’t a fisherman and said, “Oh you’re a photographer.”


Hmmm – this one’s out of order chronologically – but love the tones in it – the 50mm magic again – narrow aperture for the sun rays through the 50mm.


Looking now I’m not sure – though definitely not mum and son. Possibly siblings? Only reason I lean towards siblings is that they’re not holding hands and, in my limited experience of romantic gestures, most young couples hold hands when walking along beaches during idylic sunsets such as this one.


Dusky tones in the 50mm. Round about now a couple out walking came and said hello to me. So, hello to Dan and to Jo – very nice to meet and thanks for following me on Facebook. šŸ™‚


Little bit under-exposed so the sun didn’t get completely blown out. I was a bit worried there was some cloud nearer the horizon that was going to ruin things but when I saw this on the back of the camera I realised it was going to be okay.


Not too windy at all considering. Holy shit you get some windy evening at Gerroa when that poxy north-easterly wind kicks in, but this was just a light refreshing wind, blowing the crests off the waves.


Think this is out of focus but I don’t care, because it’s the reverse sunset shot. The reason it’s out of focus is that I broke my 10-22m lens two years ago and have been using it in its broken state ever since. I have to kind of push it together before taking a shot or the glass inside isn’t lined up right and the shot is out of focus. Lost some cool photos to that, but I don’t want to send it away for repair and be without it for a month and risk missing out on lots of wide angle opportunities. So you know, I live with it.


I like this one – got the old leading lines working for me and some cool golden reflections in the sand.


Round about peak colour I think – totally banging colour spectrum.


About 1/8th of a second at f/8.


Decided to do a pano on the wide angle, despite the fact that they’re completeĀ  bastards to stitch due to the waves moving between frames. But came out alright in the end. I like doing panos so that folks can see the bigger picture, the whole sky, rather than just a small section of it.


Sky was epic to the north-west too. I love Gerroa but it depresses me that so many of those houses are just holiday-lets and not homes.


Yea, this is a crazy wide pano I took with the 50mm. Think it was 16 separate shots.


Bit of a money shot this one – super golden tones and a longish exposure to boot. Hurrah!


Golden brown, texture like sun.


Light receding as we get to about half an hour after sunset.


I decided to leave that beach at this point and did one of my ‘on the way back to the car’ shots. I thought the light show was over, but as it happened the colour came back and carried on for about another 15 minutes. I did think about stopping off along Beach Road, but by then that bottle of ice cold beer in the fridge was calling my name and I headed home, eager to see how my shots came out.