Sky looked promising so I headed out to photograph the sunset. I had been intending to go to Shoalhaven Heads, but the clouds looked more promising to the north, so I went to Gerroa instead. As sometimes happens, all the high clouds that had held such promise were whisked away and only a few remained to get back-lit. I walked past the endangered shorebird roped-off area at the back dunes and spotted a cute little bird which I later discovered is the critically endangered (in NSW) Hooded Plover. Lovely looking little bird. I shot some photos on the low tide sand bar and headed home early when the colour fizzed.

Bands of colour in the sand as the tide headed out.


The critically endangered Hooded Plover going about its business on Seven Mile Beach.


Getting real low for the orangey colours of the sunset.


I love the patterns the falling tide makes in the sand at Gerroa.


Sun well down now and high contrast on the sand bars.


Most of the birds cleared off when I showed up, but this guy stuck around and posed for me.


Looking through the back dunes towards Mount Coolangatta.


Last shot of the evening and thought the shape of the dune reflected the shape of Coolangatta.