Sometimes I don’t have to stray too far from home to photograph the sunset. Last night was one of those occasions. I drove about 500m from the front door and pointed my camera west over the pastures of Berry to catch a late-blooming sunset. Really like how the soft focus shots turned out for this one.

Looking through the grass to the sunset – f1.8 on the 50mm for this one.


Oranges as the sun heads down.


This is a five frame pano shot with the 50mm so the long edge is about 10,000 pixels.


Manual pano for that widescreen cinematic look.


Checking out the hay bales through the zoom and getting some of that lovely sunset colour in the background.


Alternative pano pointing the other way.


Mmmm, yes, more dreamy bokeh soft focus awesomeness.


One with the wide angle to fill the frame.


After doing this sort of thing for some time now, I come prepared with plenty of mossie spray.


Full extent of the zoom.


Last shot of the night as the colour turns rust red on the horizon. Quite noisy because I shot handheld at about ISO6400, but I like how the noise looks in this – quite grain-like.