It’s always nice to take stock of what you’ve accomplished and, since we’re now just over the mid-way point of the year, I thought I’d do a little retrospective of my favourite images from 2018. I’ve been through my collection of keepers and chosen 12 photos that I’m especially happy with. Some of these shots were taken with my Phantom 4 drone and some with my Canon 7D Mark II. All were shot in RAW and processed in Lightroom and (sometimes) Photoshop. Anyway – on with the show ….

We bought our house in Shoalhaven Heads in 2006 and one of the things that appealed to us was the combination of river and ocean. The Shoalhaven River estuary finishes at the old river mouth and is a really popular resource for locals and tourists alike. This photograph of the town seemed to strike a chord with a lot of the locals.


During the summer months Catherine and I paid a visit to Narrawallee Inlet so she could go paddle-boarding on her stand-up. It’s such an amazing place and I really enjoyed flying the drone there to capture the pristine beaches and crystal-clear water. If you look at the top bend in the creek you can actually see Catherine on her board.

I’m a sucker for a sunset – I just love colour and the more vibrant it gets the better. This was one of those sunsets that saturated everything in red and orange, including Catherine!


I really like this shot which was taken at one of my favourite locations in Shoalhaven Heads looking out over the oyster fetches. The moon looked amazing and the clouds were rolling down the escarpment.


I’d been meaning to photograph the autumn colours in Berry for ages but never seemed to get around to it. I was checking the forecast this particular autumn day and it revealed that wind and rain was coming which I knew would finish off the autumn leaves on the trees, so I headed out that lunchtime to capture this scene at the Berry Courthouse.


Jervis Bay figures heavily in my photos and I’ve taken lots of images there that I really love. This is one of my favourite drone shots taken in the bay – at Target Beach on the Beecroft Peninsula.


One of those awesome colourful sunrises – this time on Seven Mile Beach at Shoalhaven Heads..


The backwaters of the Shoalhaven Estuary served as a great backdrop for this shot looking over towards Mount Coolangatta.


Definitely one of my favourite shots of the year. This was nearly a sunrise I missed too. I went to my spin exercise class at the gym early in the morning and saw this light as I left the gym after the class. I quickly drove to Broughton Creek and got these shots of the vibrant sunrise over the river.


This shot has had an amazing reception. It shows several bolts of lightning hitting Seven Mile Beach National Park during the sunset. I was standing just the other side of Crooked River in Gerroa and was really pleased with this shot.


It’s always great to have people in landscape shots to give things a sense of scale. This shot shows the impending arrival of a gusty storm blowing up from the south at Berrys Beach. About two minutes after I took this shot it absolutely pissed down with rain.


People often go down to Shoalhaven Heads Beach and stand on the little platform to watch the sunrise. I thought this shot neatly summed up those morning moods.