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Good Morning Sunshine – Sunrise on Seven Mile Beach

Good Morning Sunshine – Sunrise on Seven Mile Beach

It has been a little while since I shot a sunrise on Seven Mile Beach so I set the alarm and headed down for 6am. The winds were very light and so I knew I’d be able to fly the drone and take DSLR shots either side of the flight. As it happened a lot of the forecast high cloud never materialised but it was still a decent display of colour and a lovely morning on the beach.


Shoalhaven Heads Beach is towards the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, just before the start of the old Shoalhaven River mouth. It’s a fairly wild bit of beach as they go, but you can capture some great shots by including the arc of the beach heading north and south.


  1. Phillip Brand

    Wonderful photos capturing the beauty of our Seven Mile Beach. I walk the beach most mornings from the Crooked River at or just before 5am so I see regularly the fantastic sunrises. I have been walking since 205 and have seen some beauties, taken some pretty good photos but not a professional as yours.

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