Local restricted airspace was inactive again last night, opening up some awesome possibilities with the drone for sunset. So I packed my bloody marvellous Mavic 2 Pro in my camera bag (love how it fits in there next to the DSLR) and headed out early so  I could get right out onto the estuary before sunset. Must be warming up a bit, because there were a few tourists about enjoying the sunset and some fishermen casting a line. I walked round the back of the circular back-water and then out to the edge of Comerong Island. The clouds didn’t quite back-light the way I hoped, but there was still plenty of colour around to catch my eye.

These two blokes were trying their luck in the low tide shallows of the estuary.


Your sunset bokeh shot.


You don’t have to fly 120m up to use your drone. This was only about 5m up in the air, but it’s sufficient to give the perspective I was after.


Chasing the reflections in the tidal sand bars.


Up, up and away! Looking west down the estuary from right above the (currently closed) mouth of the river.


Really like this shot – chasing golden reflections in the water.


If there had been a better gap on the horizon, all of those clouds would have turned that lovely red colour.


I flew the drone south a bit and over the mangrove back-waters of Comerong Island.


Aha, yes, a 180º pano! That’s Seven Mile Beach at either end of the shot – looking south (on the left) and north (on the right).


Over Comerong looking north-west.


Bit of the old long exposure with the wide angle zoomed to 22mm.


You’d never know these tidal creeks were here, looking down the beach.


Bringing the drone home as the light fades.


Last shot of the night on the way back to the car – 8 second exposure to get the last of the orangey glow.