With the sunrises happening early during these summer months I can even squeeze a sunrise shoot in before my 6:15am spin class! Not much in the way of beach traffic this morning, just a couple of dog-walkers, but the sky coloured enough to bring some gold and then pastel shades to the beach.

Couple heading off for a morning jog along the beach.


Mmmm – dreamy soft focus with a Seven Mile Beach sunrise backdrop.


Golden brown texture like sun.


One the wide angle, rising sun added some awesome reds and golds to the medium level cloud.


The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray.


Panorama taken manually.


Sun emerge from behind the offshore cloud.


Super wide open aperture (f1.8) meant only a tiny part of the focal plane (the curve of that dune grass) was in focus.


Golden hour.


Loved that honied light.


Looking north-east to the pastel shades of the sunrise.


Last shot on the way back to the car.