Sneeky peek out at the clouds from the bedroom this morning and I decided a trip to the beach was in order. The car thermometer was reading 4ºc but fortunately there was only the gentlest of breezes so it wasn’t as chilly on the beach as it had been. Most of the joggers and dog walkers seemed to stay in bed and the amount of foot traffic on the beach was very low. Some fishermen had decided to take advantage of the conditions and drove their boat from Crookhaven Heads down the length of Seven Mile Beach towards Gerroa. There was some great early colour and then the sun disappeared behind the off-shore cloud.

First shot of the morning and some lovely golden colour with pastel shades in the high cloud above.


The full moon was setting behind the surf club building and the first of the day’s Sydney to Melbourne commuter jets was heading south.


Seven Mile stretches off into the distance while the sun lights up the broadcast masts on the top of Saddleback Mountain.


Down in the dunes – wide open aperture with the 50mm prime.


One of only two people on the beach this morning – both walking their dogs.


Sun made its first appearance of the day from behind the cloud banks.


The other dog walker – this Collie had some fun time chasing his tennis ball.


Looks lovely but it was pretty chilly down on the beach this morning.


The ocean was glassy thanks to a near total lack of wind and this guy made the most of it – flat out down Seven Mile Beach.


Last shot of the day and the breakers were tiny, but looked great in the golden sunlight.