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As I'm out browsing the web, social media sites and content aggregators I find all sorts of cool things, which I share with you.

Skydio Drone – Next Level Object Avoidance

February 14th, 2018|

Has to be said, the video for this new drone is extremely impressive – if it performs as well as these videos suggest then this is a real game-changer. DJI have object avoidance in their drones, but it is not particular smart and not particularly useful – what Skydio have done is place object avoidance at the very heart of their drone, making it possible for complete beginners to create awesome aerial footage in difficult environments.

Even better, this isn’t some KickStarter project that will never see the light of day, this drone is available to order now at $2500USD. […]

Tourism Tasmania Under Fire for Using Instagram Photos on Electronic Billboard

February 9th, 2017|

Bit of a row rumbling away down in Vans Diemen’s Land regarding the use of photographs by Tourism Tasmania. I first heard about this when a┬áTasmanian photographer I follow (Cam Blake) posted the Instagram photo below.

Have a read through the main text and the comments and you’ll see that Tourism Tasmania set up a feed in the airport in Hobart that displayed Cam’s (and others) photographs. Their contention was that by using the #discovertasmania hashtag, a photographer was giving Tourism Tasmania the right to use the photograph.

As ProCounter have just revealed in this article however Tourism Tasmania […]

The Seven Kinds of Selfie

October 10th, 2016|

Researchers at the Australian National University have analysed thousands of Instagram photos to arrive at a definitive breakdown of the types of selfie uploaded there.

“These are people selling a view of their lifestyle or themselves, and the currency of the transaction is likes and follows. The aim is to build an audience and establish a type of fame or admiration on social media,”said Dr Toni Eagar.

No shit.