Belt of cloud off-shore this morning on Shoalhaven Heads Beach. Car thermometer read 8ºc on the way through Far Meadow (very rural), but by the time I’d drive the 10km to the beach it was reading 13ºc, so actually pretty pleasant. Interesting swell this morning and actually some decent waves coming through if you were prepared to wait about five minutes between sets. These late sunrises (6:42 this morning) are easy to get up for, but I was very tempted by the nice smells coming from the Heads Kiosk and had to remind myself that I had perfectly good coffee and toast at home that was already paid for.

First customers of the day – couple of gulls heading south.

About two minutes after sunrise and he finally pokes his bald head over the clouds.

Nice bit of back-lighting of the belt of clouds, but not long until the sun disappears again into that cloud closer to us.

I really like this shot. Soft focus with a low aperture.

The traditional ‘on the way back to the car’ shot when all photographers turn around to make sure they aren’t missing out on anything and take a final shot for good measure.