All things being equal, this was a cracking sunset. I checked the satellite image before heading out and saw a lovely gap about 50km away. That gap meant just one thing – sunset colour! It’s the school holidays here at the moment so there was more than the usual number of people on the beach, it’s usually just me and the occasional jogger. They had a load of volley ball courts set up next to the creek which was a bit odd and when you combine that with the fenced off bird nesting area, there wasn’t much room left on the sand spit. Anyway, the sky did light up and stayed lit up for quite some time. I enjoyed it and I hope you enjoy my photographs of it.

First shot on the beach. Looks pretty quiet from this image, but it was actually really busy. Well you know, busy in Seven Mile Beach terms, not busy in, say, Bondi terms.


How’s that gold for you?


My expert photographic skills have made this dude look great, but he was actually a pretty shitty surfer. I’m guessing he’s new to it.


Down low, checking out the afterglow.


People packing up, people chatting, people juggling fire. No really, there were some people juggling fire.


And speaking of fire.


One of my favourites of the evening. Slightly longer exposure to get a sweet blur on the waves.


Peak colour and I actually had to tone down the saturation on this one in Lightroom.


Pretty special moment right there.


The telecommunications mast on Mount Cambewarra in the distance there.


Last shot on the beach before heading home.


But on the way back to the car I got distracted by the lovely reflections in Crooked River.


Last shot of the night although the colour lingered long after this.