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As an autistic photographer I became quite obsessive about photographing sunrises and sunsets and, on occasion I would leave a restaurant to capture the sky. Thankfully I have an understanding family! So one of the things I’ve tried to do lately is to not photograph things – to just watch it, with my eyes, not through the back of a viewfinder on a camera. So when we had big storms here last week that’s precisely what I did, I just sat on the deck and watched the storm unfold with a cold beer in my hand. I guess the attitude I’m trying to have lately could be summed up by the title of that famous song from the Disney film Frozen! Not that I consider myself a storm-chaser anyway. If a storm lands in my lap I will happily take photographs of it and I might drive 10km either way in the hope of catching a lightning bolt or two, but that’s about it. But yesterday I knocked off a little bit early and headed out to photograph some promising looking storm clouds that were brewing overhead and were said to be heading this way. Here’s the story of the afternoon.

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The public wharf in Shoalhaven Heads is an idyllic little spot located towards the middle of town just down the road from the pub. It’s a great spot to relax, take in the view, fish or, in the summer, jump from the well worn timbers into the river.

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