Saturday night and a virtually wind-less spring evening was the perfect time to fly my drone over the Shoalhaven estuary. It’s always nice to get a differnet perspective on locations that you visit regularly and sticking your camera up in the air is definitely one way of doing that.

Just above the boat ramp at Hay Avenue and a couple of pelicans cruise on by.


Sun descends below the horizon near Kurajong Island.


The reverse sunset looking easat towards the (currently closed) mouth of the Shoalhaven River.


Full 180º pano showing Mount Coolangatta, the oyster fetches and Kurajong Island.


Got some height for this shot showing the oyster fetches mapped out near the mangroves.


Only about 20m up for this one near the boat ramp.


Different perspective above the mangrove bushes.


Sun has set and here’s a 180º from 110m up in the air, showing Mount Coolangatta, the estuary, Comerong Island and Seven Mile Beach stretching off round to Crookhaven Heads.