First Shoot of the Year – Aerial Photography in Gerringong, Kiama and Shoalhaven Heads

New years day I headed out bright and early to fly my Mavic 2 along the coastline here. I headed to Gerringong first, but unfortunately my arrival coincided with the arrival of sea mist. No sooner had I put the drone in the air midway down Werri Beach than thick mist rolled in, totally obscuring the town! So, I packed up the drone and headed over to Kiama hoping it wouldn’t be affected by the mist. When I go there I discovered the mist was all the way up and down the coast, but not as bad at Kiama as it had been at Gerringong. So I flew the drone, got some nice shots including some full 360º panos. Afterwards I walked  up the hill into town and head a sensatioanl Eggs Benedict at the Black Rock Cafe. In the evening I headed over to Shoalhaven Heads and shot a glowing red sunset. All things considered, it was a great way to begin 2019.

This was the first shot of the day – the mist was literally just rolling in as I flew up.


And here’s what it looked like a few minutes later. It looks pretty but let’s face it, it’s not conducive to coastal landscape photography!


Conditions were a bit better in Kiama. This is a 180º looking south towards Surf Beach and Kendalls. At the bottom of the frame you can see the oldest buildings in Kiama – the Post Office, the police station and the court house.


The mist was completely obscuring Blowhole Point, so I flew out over the ocean to the edge of the mist and then shot back in towards the land. I thought this looked a bit like a ghostly hand grabbing the town!


Up the hill at the sports centre and you can see how much the mist covered up.


In the evening I  headed out to Shoalhaven Heads with the drone. There wasn’t much in the way of high level cloud but I thought it might be a bit of a golden sunset. This was taken only about 15m up – you don’t have to get miles high with a drone to get a cool vantage point.


Favourite shot of the day? Yes, I think so – 180º pano out over the ocean looking back towards the Shoalhaven Estuary and Mount Coolangatta.


Looking down-river. The boats are all clustered around the public wharf.


180º pano looking south – Seven Mile Beach on the left, Shoalhaven River on the right.


Reverse sunset shot looking down the beach – still quite a few people enjoying the warm evening weather down near the surf club.


Second favourite shot of the day? Yes I think so. 180º over the beach this time.


Golden light was reflecting in the estuary waters.


Wanted to capture the curve of the inner estuary.


Bit higher up – sun behind the clouds, busy busy tourist park on the right.


Last shot of the first day of the year.

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