Spring is well and truly here my friends. And while the south coast is due to experience a couple of small reminders of winter temperatures over the next few days, the warmer weather is definitely on the way. Last night I headed down to Gerroa to check out the sunset. The cloud was looking very promising early on, but it fizzled a bit and didn’t get completely back-lit as I was hoping. Beach was fairly busy for an out-of-season sunset with the first family beach evenings and grom surf lessons. Anyway – on with the photos.

The very definition of that honeyed golden hour light.


First family beach evening of the season I’m willing to bet. I really like this shot.


Through the 50mm lens to get the golden hues and the line-up’s looking pretty busy.


She sells sea shells on the sea shore.


Evening surf sessions have to be the best way of winding down after school or work.


Dad launches the kids out on their wave – love their wide-legged stances.


Another orbit comes to an end.


Local surf instructor running up the beach with the foamy learner boards for the kids lessons. That’ll keep you fit.


Nice light after sun-down.


If you ever want to contemplate the mysteries of the universe or just have a nice chat at the end of a hard day, Seven Mile is the place to do it.


Long exposure of the dying light over the national park.


Favourite shot of the evening. I saw this cloud and it looked a lot like a storm structure with those mammatus-looking edges on it – but it fizzled out once it made landfall. I positioned myself so the cloud was directly above Cullunghutti.


Last shot of the evening and darkness descends once more on Seven Mile.