There was some great high level cloud around yesterday evening, but winds blew it off-shore so I knew that the only colour interest would be from a reverse sunset over the ocean. And rather than go to Gerroa I thought I’d go to Shoalhaven Heads Beach at the golf course end and maybe fly the drone. By the time I got there it was really windy and I wasn’t going to fly the drone but in the end I decided it would be fine and I flew it over the beach. Watching it lean its shoulder into the wind to keep (relatively) stationary was pretty amazing and I was glad I flew it into the wind first so that I would have no problems flying it back down-wind. Once the sun had disappeared behind Cullunghutti I did some long exposures of the pinky clouds over the ocean and then went home for chilli nachos – which were most excellent.

The first shot of the evening was on the drone looking due west.


Peak colour on the beach – oranges and pinks in the high clouds, looking north down Seven Mile towards Gerroa.


Pointed the drone towards the river. In the foreground you can see the 11th hole of the golf course backing onto the Bangalay Luxury Villas.


Favourite shot of the evening. About a two second exposure.


Sun disappears behind the mountain.


Got my feet wet.


Looking south towards the Surf Club building, Comerong Island and the river.


Little selfie. Yes, they are a damn fine pair of legs! 😀