With the wind gone (at last) and a golden glow on the horizon, I didn’t hang around long before heading out this morning because I’d been itching to fly my Mavic 2 again. I headed down to the beach and arrived about 20 minutes before sun-up. Nobody about at that time of the morning, not even dog walkers, but after the sun poked its head above the horizon, the first of the surfers showed up.

The ‘viewing platform’ is a bit redundant as, thanks to dune growth, you can’t see much at all. Looks nice from 10m up though.


Sun smile breaking through.


Not a full moon, but not far off.


Ah, there it is!


Did a lateral 180º pano looking due south. Sun rise on the left, Cullunghutti on the right.


Got a bit lower over the waves for this one.


180º above the national park. It didn’t successfully stitch (you can see a join about 2/3rds of the way across in the surf) but I liked the mood.


First surfer of the day arrives.


Looking back towards the surf club building. That’s me in red on the dune.


Surfer paddles out through the yellow brick road.