I sat in the car looking at the sky for longer than perhaps I should have, trying to decide if there was going to be any colour worth walking for. In the end I decided to go anyway and walked around the inside of the estuary. Inspiration struck when I got the 50mm lens out and opened the aperture right out to f1.8, which resulted in some dreamy soft focus shots.

Oyster catchers, having a post-work get-together.


The sun disappears behind a distant cloud bank.


Cool orangey glow just after the sun had set.


This was about f1.8 which is very wide and creates that really dreamy backdrop.


Back-lighting intensified.


Didn’t nail the focus on this one, but liked the dreamy pastel shades, so here it is.


Some driftwood washed up on the edges of the estuary.


Firey reds about 15 minutes after sunset.


Decided to rotate this one, because I liked the colour split – almost looks like a fire burning behind.