I normally get the weather conditions fairly spot-on, but last night I underestimated how windy it was. As I was only wearing a t-shirt and it was decidedly chilly on Seven Mile Beach, so I figured I’d head round the corner to Black Head, where I’d be sheltered from the wind. So I drove round the corner to the headland and walked down onto the rock shelf and, as the wind was blowing from the north, the waves were distinctly quieter than they normally are here. Combine the lack of waves with a fairly low tide and I could walk out onto the rocks where ordinarily I’d be up to my earholes in the ocean, which enabled me to get some new angles on the rock shelf. I thought the colour had finished for the day, so I started heading back to the car but on the way I saw a pink glow in the clouds to the north and decided to stick around a bit longer. Was very glad I did.

I’ve taken quite a few shots in this spot, but never down here in the gully – this is normally a right old washing machine.


Bit of a splash through the 50mm lens.


The sun setting and a larger wave breaks on the rock shelf.


Bit of a glassy peeler, slowed down with a half second exposure.


Really like this shot – up close and long exposure of the waves hitting the rocks.


Through the zoom towards Moeyan Hill. I wanted to take some photographs from up there but it’s private property.


Pink colour started spreading round from the north and I tried to catch its colour reflected in the rock pools.


Peak colour of the pinks and a lazy wave breaks on the rocks.


Got right down on the rocks for this one and got my shorts a bit damp.


Colour faded in the north, but still glowing over the Shoalhaven Bight.


Dropped the tripod a couple of notches to get more foreground in focus.


Last shot of the evening on the headland above the rocks looking over the bight.