Day in the Valley and an Evening on the Estuary

After a lengthy period of unsettled weather, the sunshine returned on Saturday and I decided to head out with my Mavic quadcopter to take some aerial photographs in Kangaroo Valley. Lots of tourists on the road round here at this time of the year but it was fairly quiet driving over the top of Berry Mountain and down the other side. I headed to the village first and took some panos and stopped off on the way back to take some shots of the view from half way up. In the evening the skies were looking promising so I headed out again with fully recharged camera batteries and walked out onto the estuary to photograph the sunset.

This is the view looking west from near the Kangaroo Valley showground with the bustling metropolis of Kangaroo Valley in all its splendour on the main street.


View looking east from just outside town.


Fair play to the cyclists I saw riding up Berry Mountain – it’s not for the faint-hearted let me tell you. Also I was sweating like 30 day old cheese in the 33ยบ temperatures, just standing around holding my drone controller, so god knows how warm you’d be riding up this. Still, the view’s nice.


The roads over the hills can be interesting to drive – particularly when a tourist in a Landcruiser comes around the corner on the wrong side of the road.


One of my favourites I think – with the road leading off into Kangaroo Valley.


Out on the sand at at low tide in the Shoalhaven estuary. Right about when I took this photo I realised that it was walking on sand that was triggering my buggered knee.


I put the drone up about 10 minutes before the sun set.


Awesome bleached tree remains out on the tidal estuary.


The sun re-emerged from behind a cloud bank before disappearing again.


Ah yes, the low-down duney grass shot!


Another favourite – sun setting in the east and Mount Coolangatta to the west.


Probably the best of the day’s panos. Seven Mile Beach, the estuary, the boats moored near the wharfs and Mount Coolangatta.


Took this from only about 10m up.


Limping back to the car and the sky back-lit slightly making some nice pinks in the clouds.


Couldn’t really walk much further so I decided to put the drone up again to capture the post-sunset colour.


Sand-flies were out in force, but fortunately I’d come well prepared with a deet spray.


About a second a half exposure near the big tidal flat.


Some deep reds about 15 minutes after sunset.


Went high for this one – love the contrast between the sand and the sky.


Last shot of the day and peak colour.

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