Cool Sunset on Seven Mile with the Canon and the Mavic

Cloud is a photographers friend. Not only does it make possible those amazing sunrises and sunsets but, when you get it along the coast, it reduces the coastal breezes because the land doesn’t heat up as much. Last night was cloudy and there was virtually no wind, so I got to fly my drone and take some photos with the Canon down at Gerroa.

Moeyan Hill and a family enjoys an evening walk along the beach.


Low level shot with the drone from about 30m up. The wheel tracks in the sand belong to the council lifeguards beach vehicle.


Awesome golden rays of light through the low level clouds.


Sun approaching the horizon created a cool reflection in the low tide water.


Crepuscular rays of sunlight.


This family were enjoying every last moment down on the beach.


Pano of the crepuscular rays with Black Head on the left and Crooked River on the right.


Favourite shot of the evening – yes, I think so, through the zoom.


Last pano of the evening with the sun set and the holidaymakers all heading back to their accommodation.

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