In July the time of the sunrise doesn’t change that much and you get used to heading out to photograph it at about 7am. However the earth’s oval-shaped orbit around the sun has slipped back down the long-side once more and sunrise times are starting to get earlier again. So I was at the beach slightly later than I would ordinarily have been for sunrise, but it all worked out in the end because there wasn’t much in the way of cloud to get backlit. It was quite a chilly morning – not as cold as it has been – but there was a strong breeze that made it feel like it. No sign of the eagle today, but the early morning exercisers, dog-walkers and builders having the first smoke of the day over a long black were out as usual.

First shot of the morning and the seabirds were heading north as the sun rose behind an offshore cloud bank.


The sun peeked over the clouds as the gulls did their morning rituals.


The sun isn’t as bright when it’s coming over the horizon so it’s easier to capture a balanced exposure.


Big dog and small dog.


Ocean actually felt pretty warm. Just looked it up – it was 18.3°C – so about 10º warmer than the air temp!


Those lovely little pink flowers are called Pigface. No, seriously.


“Golden brown, texture like sun. Lays me down, with my might she runs. Throughout the night, No need to fight, Never a frown with golden brown.” (Stranglers – Golden Brown – awesome song).


Peeking through the dune grass. I love these abstract shots. Can you see the tiny dew droplet on that bit of grass?


Wide shot from the foredunes and the procession of dog walkers approaches.


Sun up, another day begins.