Chinamans Beach at Sunset and then a Mad Dash to Barfleur

I had a look at the satellite image and decided there was a good chance of some high cloud sunset action last night. And since I remembered to check early enough and since the airspace is still inactive over the holiday break – I decided to go to Jervis Bay and fly my quadcopter. I gave a bit of thought about where to go to because I knew I’d be flying out over the ocean and shooting back towards the land. Also I didn’t want to deal with all the tourists that are in the area at the moment. So after much chin-stroking over Google Maps I decided to park at Greenfields and walk through the Scribbly Gum track to Chinamans. What I failed to check was the wind forecast and when I got to the beach I discovered it was blowing hard. I decided to fly anyway, since I know the Mavic 2 Pro is very capable in high winds and, while I was anxious all the time it was in the air, it handled like a champ. By the time I brought the drone back in 25 minutes later it was getting seriously windy so I packed up. On the way out I decided to drop into Barfleur to see if there was going to be any back-lighting and while most of the cloud had gone there was a nice band to the north which coloured up.


As it was so windy I decided to get the 180º out of the way as quickly as possible. This is looking back on Chinamans Beach with Hyams Beach Village on the left and Sailors (Hyams) Beach on the left.


Favourite shot of the day I think. Looking back on the bushland and the creek that flows into Chinamans.


Full 180º of Chinamans with Hyams Beach Village on the right. (Not seen – 15,000 tourists).


Sneaky little bomb shot over the bush. Not many people on the beach by this stage as it was tea time and the wind had picked up, but this family were enjoying taking photos.


Last of the tourists leaving the beach all to me.


Looking west towards the heads of the bay – that’s Point Perp on the left, Bowen Island in the middle and the edge of Booderee on the right.


Sun setting – three quarter 180º looking south-east.


I decided to see what the view was like from higher up so flew to maximum legal height (120m) for this one. Turns out you can see St Georges Basin.


Looking north. That’s Greenfields Beach in the middle and Nelsons Beach beyond it stretching out towards Plantation Point. Clarity was excellent – you can even see Mount Coolangatta in the far distance and even Saddleback Mountain beyond it.


Quite liked this one – a 180º from about 100m up looking south towards Hyams (Sailors) Beach.


Burst of light on Chinamans.


Love the patterns the waves make on the sand.


Second favourite shot of the day? Yes I think so – up and out over the ocean.


Fairly low shot of the bushland.


This was a good example of golden hour light – soft honeyed tones.


Sun setting behind the beach and wind getting very strong – it was time to pack up.


Called in at Barfleur and shot some long exposures – wind had blown most of the tourists off the beach.


This Hobie Cat has appeared in many of my photos taken on this beach.


Last shot of the day – light dying.


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