Bit chillier than it has been lately, 7º but about 2º with the wind chill. The sky was largely cloudless, but the smoke from nearby bushfires provided a backdrop for the sunrise. This smoke was emanating from the large fire down near Milton, not the smaller local one in Bomaderry. All the usual morning traffic on the beach, no sign of Mr Eagle, but the swooping magpies have started their reign of terror.

First shot of the morning and the early light back-lit the bushfire smoke.


Up on the dunes and looking north-east towards Gerroa.


My wife Catherine and her friend taking the pooch for a walk.


The soft focus dune shot nicely picked out the sun.


Sun breaking through the low level cloud on the horizon.


Not much in the way of swell today, just some small clean waves rolling onto the shore.


Boxercise class taking place down near the Tourist Park path.


Glassy wave back-lit by the sun.


Small aperture to get those cool rays from the sun.


Zoomed in across the shorebreak and a bird enjoying the early morning conditions.


Rush hour on Seven Mile Beach. Pure mayhem.


On the way back to the car, a last shot of the sunrise.