Whenever I head out and the sky isn’t quite co-operating, I worry that I’m not going to be able to photograph enough of interest. But weirdly, the less there seems to be interest, the more photos I actually get. Case in point was last night – no real back-lighting of the clouds and an early exit from the sun, but there was still heaps of cool stuff to photograph. In particular the birds did me proud, swimming, flying and roosting around the estuary.

First shot of the evening and the sun still 20 minutes away from setting.


The obligatory soft focus through the mangroves – love the dappled golden pathway to the sun in this one.


Wide angle sky shot. You’re not supposed to shoot with a wide-angle like this, but I love using my 10mm to get a big sky.


This is one of my favourite trees – a long mangrove near the banks of the river.


Sun well and truly set now and some late-comers flying in to roost on the oyster fetches.


What you looking at?


The mangrove again. Probably my favourite shot of the evening. Love the farm gate in the background.


During the summer it’s often a full-house on these oyster fetches, but it was pretty quiet tonight.


Some golden back-lighting.


Glide pattern down towards the water’s edge.


I love moody sky shots. This is my new desktop wallpaper.


Last flight of the evening.


The gang, all lined-up on their roosts.


Last shot of the dying colour in the sky.