You’d have thought that since I’m originally from the UK, that I’d have no problem with chilly weather, but after 12 years in Australia I’ve lost a fair bit of my British ability to deal with the cold. I suppose it didn’t help that I headed out in shorts and a pair of Crocs this morning, but I always feel like I’ve given in to the weather if I wear long pants, a coat and shoes. On the drive down to the beach the car thermometer read 0.5ºc but by the time I got to Seven Mile Beach it was a positively tropical 2ºc. I knew it wasn’t going to be a spectacular sunrise, but you have to be disciplined about these things and go even when you’re nice and toasty in bed. And I was glad I did go because the scenery was still lovely and it was nice to witness that frost.

Yep. 0.5ºc and it sure felt it. Still, there’s something about a winter morning on the beach.


The mournful call of the crow always makes me laugh. That’s the mast on the roof of the surf club he’s on.


Birds getting busy with whatever it is birds do.


Fair play to this young lad – wasn’t going to let freezing temperatures put him off his morning jog.


Sun pushed up behind the bank of medium-level off-shore cloud.


Wide open aperture and foreground focus.


Sun eventually pushed its way above the cloud and started to turn on the style.


Water was a bloody sight warmer than the land.


On the way home I stopped to photograph the extensive frost. I’m not used to seeing this landscape looking so chilly.


Cows didn’t seem to give two shits about the temperatures – just cracked on with the milk-making.