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Sometimes I get to Seven Mile Beach in plenty of time for sunrise, park in an empty carpark and enjoy the dawn entirely on my own. And sometimes it’s like everyone decides to set the alarm, get up early and hit the beach. Today was the latter option. No idea why, but it was super-busy down there this morning – I mean, not Bondi busy – but for a weekday outside the holidays it was humming. Folks walking the dog, jogging, boxercising, doing yoga, fishing, surfing, photographing or simply sipping a coffee and watching the sun come up. By the time I left the car park was about half full. Anyway, it was a nice sunset – not much high cloud, but a bit of drama as the sun broke through the offshore cloudbank. I started off with the Canon on a tripod and ended with the Mavic 2 in the air. Here’s how it went …

Which brings us to the day’s keeper. This was the last shot of the day. It was taken at a low-level from about 10m up above my head. It started out life as a full 180º, but I cropped it slightly at the edges to improve the composition. Anyway, the take-away from this image is that you don’t have to fly your drone 100m up all the time – even a few metres of height can create interesting and unique compositions.


Shoalhaven Heads Beach is towards the southern end of Seven Mile Beach, just before the start of the old Shoalhaven River mouth. It’s a fairly wild bit of beach as they go, but you can capture some great shots by including the arc of the beach heading north and south.

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