Catherine has been doing an exercise bootcamp which begins at 6am each day, so consequently I have been getting up at 6am every day too! When bootcamps are not running, I normally check the forecast the night before, see if the clouds are going to
co-operate and then set the alarm accordingly. Ordinarily I wouldn’t have set the alarm for the sunrise this morning, but it’s good discipline to go out anyway and see what sort of shots you can find. So I headed up Coolangatta Road to Shoalhaven Heads and decided to photograph the public wharf instead of the beach for a change. So here’s what I came up with.

First light and the sun starts rising over the dunes at the beach.

Bit of a Scooby Doo sunrise.

I liked this reflection of the sun on the river.

There’s a surprising number of boats moored off the public wharf and they all keep their tinnies tucked under the trees here.

Just two birds, catching up with each before the events of the day unfold.

Arty shot with the zoom lens through the trees.

More light now and the clouds started to get back-lit.

The stories these wharf sleepers could tell you.

I’m pretty sure this weed is called ‘Pigface’.

Walking the dog, up to the boat ramp and back. Nice spot for it, I reckon. This stretch of the river is an approved off-leash dog-walking area.