Apparently the next time we get a blood moon like today’s will be on June the 9th 2123. I’m glad I bothered to set the alarm and check out this one because I’ve got a feeling I’ll be sleeping through the alarm for the next! I decided to head over to Point Perpendicular and shot the moon over the famous lighthouse along with a select band of fellow photographers. Then before it disappeared completely I drove 10 minutes down the track to Honeymoon Bay to fly my drone for sunrise.

The blood moon looked pretty cool and we were lucky enough to have cloud-free skies here in this part of New South Wales.


By this stage the moon was very faint, but I managed to catch its last hurrah before it disappeared completely into the haze above Honeymoon Bay.


Honeymoon’s such as perfect little bay, but I can assure you that it is a very rare day when you see it this empty!


First golden glow coming over the horizon.


I have enjoyed many happy hours swimming at Honeymoon Bay, which is best enjoyed early in the morning before the crowds arrive to fuck up the serenity.


Sun just about to break out above the horizon.


Sunrise over Honeymoon was a rather lovely affair. Just me, the missus, a couple of large eagles, some dolphins and the occasional mozzie.