Black Head – The Tourists, the Fishermen and the Sunset

Having spent yesterday evening on the beach at Gerroa, for tonight’s sunset I decided to head round the corner to Black Head. Lots of tourists, lots of fishermen and lots of low tide fun was the order of the day.

Ah yes, the classic dangerous selfie, because nothing says #holidayfun more than #dying when you get swept off the rocks.


Crepuscular clouds over Coolangatta.


The tourists return! Sun’s over the yard arm so it must be time to head back to the holiday rental.


Fishing with dad.


Broughton Head in the background, loads of beach fishermen in the foreground.


Don’t often see boats moored casually off the beach here.


Favourite shot of the evening? I reckon. Right down on the rocks and in amongst all the super-slippy stuff at super low tide.


Sun setting.


Little gap in the cloud to the south meant some nice orange colours.


Birds flying high, you know what I mean.


On the 50mm for some f/2 fun.


And there she goes.


Nice to see these guys wearing lifejackets – too many rock fishermen die every year because they don’t wear one.


Wide angle of the rocks.


Sun down, some nice back-lighting.


Love how the rocks look in this.


Last shot of the night up on the cliffs.


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