Black Delkin Devices Lifetime Guarantee is Not Hype

When I was over in the UK a couple of years ago, I went into the (excellent) Campkins Future Vision camera shop in central Cambridge. I needed a new SD card and I wanted one that was a) quick and b) rugged. I ended up buying the Black Delkin Devices 32Gb card and it served me well for several years getting endlessly put in and taken out of my camera on an almost daily basis.

Unfortunately all that use took its toll on the card and the read/write protection switch became loose and would activate whenever it was put into the camera. Then the black dividers on the back of the card started coming loose too and eventually the card was completley unusable. I put the card to one side and forgot about it. Then a couple of weeks ago I found the card again and noted the serial number on the front and remembered that I’d registered it with Delkin when I bought it. So I decided to test their lifetime guarantee.

I emailed them and said that the card had worn out and if there was a procedure for getting it back to them for replacement. I was emailed back promptly by a Delkin employee who said they’d get a replacement in the post to me the next day but didn’t know what the returns policy would be since I was in Australia, not the UK where I’d bought the card. In the end they just asked me to photograph the damaged card, which I did, and that was that. Couple of days later the card arrived safe and sound in the post and I’m very pleased to have such an excellent and speedy card back in my camera.

We’re always very quick to criticise companies when they have poor customer service, so I thought it was only fair to mention a company when they live up to their promises. So cheers to Delkin and consider this a recommendation of their products.

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