Beautiful Summer Day in Huskisson

It was an absolutely beautiful summer’s day down here in South Coast NSW today – a warm, lazy Sunday. And with the strong winds of the early weekend eased off I knew I had to take advantage of the conditions and take my Mavic 2 Pro for a fly. We chose to head down to Huskisson first and I flew over the creek and the bay, catching the coming and going of the water traffic.


So much going on in this pano. Couple of jet-skis heading out, the dolphin boats loading up for the morning cruise, two horse-riders on Myola Beach …


Some of the boats in Husky are commercial – here’s a shrimper and Dive Jervis Bay’s boat.


Big old pleasure boat headed out of Currumbene and into the bay.


Looking across the pristine waters of the bay to Currumbene Creek.


The two horse riders arrive at the point of Myola Beach.


Looking west over the top of Currumbene Creek and Myola Beach.


The dolphin boat heading out.


Pretty much all of Husky in one photo.


The Dolphin Watch boat was fully laden as it headed out into the bay.


Look across to the ocean pool.


Nice yacht moored off Shark Net Beach.


Higher shot of the bay and Currumbene.


Bomb shot of the pool and the park.


About 100m up looking across the wharf.


Pano looking west over the Creek and the Bay.


Last shot of the day, bomb shot of the bay and the pool.

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