When you live somewhere as nice as we do, holidays aren’t a huge issue. I mean, tourists and travellers come to this region from all over the planet to enjoy its beaches, national parks, hills, mountains, rural landscapes, towns and villages – so why would you go somewhere else? So we tend to visit places that are local to us which gives us the opportunity to explore them a bit more than you would on a day-trip. And so last weekend Catherine, Josh and I travelled a couple of hours south of home to the coastal village of Bermagui. Located right at the northern end of the Sapphire Coast region, Bermi (as the locals call it) is the local centre for game-fishing charters and is blessed with amazing beaches, foreshore and landscape. I really enjoyed flying the drone – so much so in fact that I didn’t even take the Canon out of the bag – so here are my keepers from a beautiful mid-summer afternoon flying my Mavic 2 Pro in Bermagui.

  180º looking towards the bridge over the river with Moorhead Beach on the right of frame.


  Positioned the drone over the water near the wharf for this one which captures many of Bermagui’s nicest features in one shot.


  Some of the many charter boats used for game-fishing at the wharf.


Close-up of the little bridge.


Boat returning across the bar. Couple of cool little swimming areas near the inlet.


Three-quarter view across the river.

Moorehead Beach is very sheltered next to the breakwall and perfect for swimming.


The bar crossing and Dickinson Point.


The building at the back is the Fishermans Wharf. We had a great meal there at the il Passaggio Italian restaurant which I heartily recommend.


The boats come into the bar at full speed.


Car on the boat ramp ready to pick someone up.


Looking across Horseshoe Bay – in the middle of the frame you can see Camel Rock.


And finally, a bomb shot over over the wharf of some fishing charters moored up.

Here’s a 360º pano I shot over the wharf – be sure to view it full screen.

I’ve also upload the 360º to my  Google Photos account.