Australian Drone Rules - Flow Chart

Since I started writing about drones here in Australia and making videos about them on my YouTube channel, I've been regularly contacted by drone owners who are confused about the laws. This does not surprise me, because like most Australian red-tape, they seem to go out of their way to make it as complex as possible. And so I decided to do CASA's job for them and explain these drone regulations in an easily understood manner.

My solution was to produce a flow chart which walks you through the various scenarios based on the most important question - are you a recreational or a commercial drone owner. Hopefully, by following through the chart you can see where you stand in terms of the mountains of legislative bullshit that the Australian government has decided to heap on (most) drone owners.

The information in this chart is accurate as of December 2021 and I will try and keep it as up-to-date as possible as the rules and the fees change. I actually phoned CASA directly clarify several things, so I'm pretty sure it's accurate, but if you do notice an error, please email me. If you like the chart, please don't copy it, but just link to this page as I intend on keeping the chart updated as the rules change.

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