Friday evenings are special evenings here in the Shoalhaven, because it means that the enormous circle of restricted airspace that stretches all the way from Gerringong to Milton, is inactive. That means I can fly my drone at sunset. Happy dance. And the cool thing about drones like my epic Mavic 2 Pro, is that locations that would be a bust at sunset with an ordinary camera become perfect locations when you can situate your camera up in the air and over the ocean. So Berrys Beach, for instance, is a crap sunset photography spot with a standard DSLR because there’s a bloody great national park between you and the setting sun. But get up in the air and restrictions on line of sight fade away.  Hurrah! So I flew my drone and, while there was no high level cloud for the super-colourful sunset, there was still plenty of drama in the sky.


Sun emerged from a bank of cloud not long after I put the Mavic in the air.


I decided to do a 180º immediately. Love the perspective on this one.

Then I did a 180º over the water with the setting sun at the centre.


Changed the aperture to f/11 to try and get the old sparkles.


Low level shot from about 15m up. Seven Mile Beach National Park stretches along the entire length of Seven Mile Beach from Gerroa to Shoalhaven Heads.


I really like this shot. Something of an Endor feel about it – if you get the Star Wars reference.


I had the beach to myself for most of the time and then a solitary backpacker showed up and walked down the beach. Always handy to have a bit of human presence in a shot to give a sense of perspective and scale.


Nice 180º over the national park.


Pretty high up in this one – think it was about 100m.


Last shot of the night, the backpacker staring meaningfully out into the ocean and thinking deep thoughts.