It was such a lovely evening last night, with very little wind, that I fancied flying my drone. Only problem was that the restricted airspace locally was active again after the Xmas break so I had to head north to Kiama to fly legally. So I suggested to Catherine that we head out early and we could find a nice spot where she could sit and watch the sunset with a nice glass of wine and I could put the Mavic into the sky and take some photographs. We ended up in the Showground carpark and I flew over the ocean near Surf Beach. Cloud didn’t quite pop the way I was hoping, but it was still a great sunset.

First pano of the evening. Showground on the right, Surf Beach in the middle, Kendalls Beach on the left and the sun setting behind Saddleback Mountain in the background.


Golden light on Kendalls.


Lower down for this 180ยบ.


Reverse sunset over Blowhole Point.


I brought the drone down for about 20 minutes and then sent it back up right on sunset time to capture the golden back-lighting.


Peak colour in the clouds on this crop to Surf Beach with the Kiama Surf Club building.


Light fizzing, low down over the rocks and still a few swimmers enjoying the cool waters on a very warm evening.